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I'll ride the same chair if you have a board or skis on your feet. But, if you don't want me to I'll ski Alta. Wait DV has great food though. Isn't all about the food?

Originally Posted by willyt View Post
you really think that 30% of all visits to resorts are people just on a "fad"? Yes, a 2-3% decline is "significant". you totally overlooked the point that snowboarders have more average days on the snow per year than skiers (now if that is statistically significant difference i have no idea, directionally, though, it is true). also, a 7.6 to 6.1 average day a year drop over 15 YEARS is "sharp"? give me a freaking break. I can tell you with assurance, that while it may ebb and flow (just like skiing has) snowboarding is here to stay (um who was in the Olympics first?). looks like for now, you pompous ski elitists will have to ride the same lifts we are. Don't like it? go to deer valley. I could care less.

Not that i'm against skiing, heck, my brother and some of my best friends ski, but don't call snowboarding a fad.

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