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Originally Posted by mzimme View Post
Not sure I follow....

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The idea is to create a small void under the floor at the location of each stripped screw hole that you can fill with polyester resin that has been reinforced with glass strand. You can use a nail, drill bit or similar object to clear some foam from under the floor through the screw hole and vacuum up any debris. Once you have filled each of the holes with resin, coat the screws with a release agent and insert them in the holes. Once the resin has cured, back the screws out of the holes. You now have a solid resin plug below the floor that is threaded to match your mounting screws. You could also use epoxy instead of the resin. I think this technique was used to mount bindings on honeycomb core skis back in the late 70's/early 80's. You could also move the whole seat slightly forward or backward and re drill all of the holes. (something the previous owner of my boat did.)
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