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last for now

Here are the last few I have loaded to the computer the others are in other cam or not downloaded yet or I have not taken them yet !!!
1 and 2) Old carpet next to new carpet --Love the improvement
3 and 4) walk thru floor piece carpet front and back.. Got a bit sloppy with the glue Opps
5) Picture of the passenger side with the carpet laid down..Still have the drivers side to do and 2 of the center sections, front Vee section and the pieces under the dash board.

So Since this is my last post for now feed back would be appreciated but be gentle.. I am pretty stoked and would hate to be bummed after ha ha ha..

and I have a question for your opinion..Post # 1 Picture 1 and post # 2 picture # 5 the decal has been removed. It used to be red with a grey or silver outline..What do you suggest as a replacement decal? Would it look good with the black outline as the registration numbers like in Post 1 picture 5? Or any other suggestions for colors or just straight up red? Have Jim Baws waiting on me to give him the color scheme I want.

Thanks for looking hope you enjoy..
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