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I keep plugging along....Was able to cut out the right side primary and secondary stringers yesterday afternoon. Floor is still very solid with all the stringers cut out. I also started doing a little grinding. Doulgas Fir was ordered for the stringers and should be in later this week. I have my US Composite order all but ready to go. Still not sure on how much resin it will take. They provide estimates on their website for resin to matting requirements and I called about resin to cloth. I have estimated that it should take about 15 gallons () for the transom, stringers and floor. I am thinking that I may go with 10 gallons and buy another five if I run low.

I have read countless stringer/floor repair threads, but finally have settled on two overlapping layers of 1708 cloth for the secondary stringers and two layers of 1708 tabbing followed by two overlapping layers of 1708 for the primary stringers.

Still have not been able to remove the rudder. I am thinking of taking a Dremel sanding barrell and sanding the top of the rudder shaft. Stuck and do not know whatelse to do.

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