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Alternator TLC

A few weeks ago I noticed quite a bit of rust on my alternator brackets, so it took the alternator off to clean 'em up. I also noticed when I spun the pulley, the bearings sounded a bit crunchy.
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I can't have rust like this on my engine!
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I decided to go the route a previous poster went and have the brackets powder coated. A bench grinder with a wire wheel, and an hour later, they were all cleaned up.
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I replaced both the bearings at a cost of $10. My brushes looked in great shape and still had about 75% left. I didn't bother with a bench test since it was working fine... it just looked like crap. I used a little crocus cloth on the slip rings and they were good to go.
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The powder coater said it may take 2 weeks unless they get more to do in gloss black. They were done in 3 days.
Powder coating cost me $22. These won't be rusting again for a while.
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I cleaned up the windings frame and painted it so it would be black again, and cleaned up the rust on the alt frame screws. I used new mounting bolts, and cleaned up and painted the pulley.
It's all pretty now.
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