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Jon boat O/B height

So I have a little camo 12' jon boat that I use for frog gigging and duck hunting. It's a little too small, but the price was right.

Neighbor gave me a 9.9 Johnson, but boat is rated for 3 hp... really showing my redneck side now

With a little motor tuneup and trim adjustment, this sucker does 22 mph now, but the transom is showing signs of having 3x the rated hp on it.

It appears to me that the motor sits too low in the water, lots of spray around engine at WOT. Anyone have any experience with jack plates on small boats? What is the ideal height of the lower unit with respect to the bottom of the transom?

While I am beefing up the transom to handle the increase in power, I might as well get it set up for the ideal height too.

Note: picture shows my '65 Evinrude 6 hp that I used until I came into the 9.9hp.
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