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I checked out our boat show this weekend as well. I did see an aluminum duck boat on a tandem trailer, which I thought might have been a little much, granted it was a pretty big boat. I was pretty impressed with the G23, unlike moleson10 and his wife. I spoke with the rep who I know, and he said he will be bringing his personal G23 to my lake in April and he will be happy to take me for a spin. I am anxious to try out the wake on this boat. I loved the camera system they had on the ski rope tie off. It also had an amazing sound system, which I'm sure that many of yours do as well. I was glad to see the ski 200 on the floor as well, as the only true slalom boat present. One thing I did notice on the 200 was the engine cover foam. Does anyone recognize this as anything they have seen in other boats? I liked the way their engine hatch opened as well with a latch instead of the rubber clips, but it did not have any gas shocks to hold it up. Just an observation.

I also spoke with Zane in the MC booth for a little bit. It is really a small world bc he knows some of the same people I know and grew up in the city where I used to live. I guess knowing everyone comes with being in the industry so long. I liked the MC showing and I think my overall favorite was the X2 or X10. I am still not sold on those big power assisted towers, but I have not owned one, so I cannot really speak as to how good they actually are.

The MB Sports boat was the first one I saw and while they have come a long way, they still have a way to go. Their gelcoat lines were not straight and also had quite a bit of porosity in the deck. The deck also did seem a little thin as previously mentioned. Overall, it was a nice boat though.

I think one of the nicer looking boats was the Chris Craft Launch 22. I can say that with having something to do with the design, years back. I did not like the fact that it was 80k and sat 8 people but to each his own. The fit and finish was is very nice on the Chris Crafts.

Several of the boat manufacturers have really had to step up their game, including Supra, Tige and Moomba. Moomba is still pretty far behind, but they are looking much better than they once looked and would probably make a decent entry level boat.

I could probably critique most every manufacturer that was present, including the pontoons, as my dad was looking. BTW, there are some pretty ridiculous toons out there as well. Some may say why 300hp on a pontoon? I say bc you can. They are approaching the prices of some wakeboard boats as well. Gone are the days of hoping to spend 30k and get a top of the line boat, unfortunately. I still managed to have a good time though.
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