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Originally Posted by mzimme View Post
Some of the screws that hold my drivers seat to the floor have stripped and pull out of the fiberglass floor. What are my options to fix this without having to rip the floor up? Carpet is in good shape, as is the rest of the floor. Can I fill these holes in with some kind of fiberglass epoxy, redrill the holes, and expect that to hold? Anyone had to deal with something like this?
I had to do this for the front screws on my driver seat in my 83 during the restoration. Now keep in mind I pulled my carpet out because I was replacing it, so your options for saving the carpet might not work.

I used Marine Tex and just pumped it into the hole until it was enough to stop it from falling through. Once hardened it was like concrete, new screws still holding strong. Now for your application unless you cut the carpet a little, this stuff is messy, you maybe able to get by for a bit with an alligator bolt or expanding anchor system.

Here is what I used in my floor, worked like a charm.

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