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Originally Posted by DeeeJay02 View Post
This all seems a bit silly and down right foolish,
I have spent hundreds of thousands between the cost of 3 MC's, my third being built as we speak. Yes, they are all X-series boats, have I not shown my loyalty and earned the right to display a "Mastercraft" sticker proudly? Or do I still need to put the "X-Series" next to it. Seems a bit ridiculous.

If someone tells you they own a yacht, do you question them with "Which Model" to determin if it classifies as one or do you appreciate the fact that they are lucky enough to have a yacht?

Slalom, Wakeboarding, wake skate, surfing etc. to each there own.
Thank you. My thoughts exactly.

The reality is - - - a person's particular reasons to own (or not own) a MC is really up to them. Some want it for slalom, others for wakeboarding, others for crossover.

Some may only buy a MC for the prestige or "keeping up with the Joneses." In the end, it doesn't matter.

I bought an X-10 because it was a great choice for my family and our interests. I wanted MC quality and performance. Someone else may have completely different reasons for their choices and it doesn't affect me one bit. It will probably not be my last MC either, and it will be fun to see how my next model compares with this one. That's enjoyable to me.

And, for the record, I have a MC sticker on both my tow vehicle and my little VW GTI. Those are for my enjoyment and I don't give a rat's *** whether people agree with it or not.
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