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Originally Posted by moleson10 View Post

The MC's looked good, especially the interiors, and the new Star is impressive in the flesh. But the top deck styling and towers still leave me wanting something different. My favorite boat was probably the X-10. It's a good looking boat and fits the "just right" description for a lot of people.

Overall MC has some tough competition and they will need to get creative if they want to be more than the 1%'s boat of choice.
Share your thoughts. MB is killing it, so much that questions have been asked if they are making money? My only gripes with MB is the floor needs to be deeper and their topdeck is paper thin

Love the X-10. Did you feel the Star main compartment felt small for a 24' boat? I did. MC sells more than twice as many boats than CC, BU with Axis sells a few more boats than MC. They're all expensive!
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