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Boat show impressions

Went to the Seattle boat show this weekend. It was a good show and seemed to have a bit more vibe than the last few years. I asked some friends who were exhibiting how business was and they were cautiously optimistic.

As for the boats, it was good to see them all together. I have to say that MB is coming along and with their new towers, they are better looking and will be competitive. I was very impressed with Supra. They are an amazing value. They had a "Worlds" edition there and at 24' and quite loaded it was in the mid $80s show pricing. The Malibus were nice and the new surf gate system is wining over a lot of buyers. No offense to my CC friends (I'm a former ownwer) but the new G series boats were hard on the eyes. My wife hadn't seen them before and had some choice comments. Others we talked to at the show agreed. Although they do get points for being the only ones with a real slalom boat there.

The MC's looked good, especially the interiors, and the new Star is impressive in the flesh. But the top deck styling and towers still leave me wanting something different. My favorite boat was probably the X-10. It's a good looking boat and fits the "just right" description for a lot of people.

Overall MC has some tough competition and they will need to get creative if they want to be more than the 1%'s boat of choice.
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