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ok i try and explain . the boat is new only 48 hrs. i have already gone through an impeller that went the second time i took it. i always slighty turn the key to make sure have battery charge.i did put a post up in regards to that. all i can say is the boat never actaully started. but i will take the blame for the impeller the dealer did cover it though. the boat seems to run closer to 190 and the odd 200 and then sometimes it goes as low as 170. i was told by putting on a heat exchanger it will help keep the temp more constant. then someone else said there mainly used so you dont run saltwater through your motor. my X14 had the heat exchanger. but i must admit i never watched the temp guage as much as i do in the prostar.mainly because of what happened with the impeller i am always checking . maybe i am being paranoid
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