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It's been a little while since I have updated as we have moved into the slower, somewhat less interesting portion of the construction. All of the rough plumbing is done although, the inspector came out and failed me on a couple of items. The long and shot of it was that I opted to pull my own plumbing permit and hire my cousin, who is a plumber, to do the work. Unlike many instances where it is a bad idea to hire family, my cousin is an incredible plumber and takes extreme pride in his work, actually, very proud of what he has become. Anyways, so the inspector comes out and gets a quick sense for the fact that I am not the actual plumber and decides to fail me for a couple of really stupid things that are actually overdone according to the local codes (my cousin was not able to be there for the inspection as he is doing this on the side and holds down a full-time plumbing job for a larger company). Moral of the story, if the actual plumber is there I almost gaurantee he would not have failed me. So we will work it out.

Spent the weekend connecting the gasline and fitting the Redi-Tile shower base (cool product if you have never seen one and eliminates the possible leaking issues with a custom shower and you do not have to create the base slope.....granted the product is not cheap).
Did the elcetrical walk-thru on Saturday and they are getting started today. The HVAC is finishing up today and I may try to get concrete in the basement by the end of the week if everything falls into place!
I'll get a few new pics this week to freshen things up a bit!
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