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Originally Posted by mustangtexas View Post
Completed my CHL renewal today and during the shooting portion a ladies Springfield .45 cal misfired blowing out the top right side of the grip and splitting it down to the bottom of the magazine well. She had a good size burn, small cut and major bruising to her right hand. She was taken to the hospital where X-rays showed a fractured hand. She told the range master that her husband reloads and likes "them hot". I'm sure that will be a topic of discussion in that house for some time.
Does her husband run around, beating his chest and yodeling, like Tarzan? What an idiot! His ignorance broke/burned her hand and ruined a weapon. If he ever has to shoot someone, I'll bet he hits someone on the other side of a wall, or the rounds go through the person, instead of stopping, like they should. I suppose he always loads with FMJ, too.
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