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Reminds me of Snow Skier vs Snowboard. Well I've snow skied for so many years I will not care to admit. People will say (I'm was guilty of it in the past too) that snowboarders do nothing but scrap the snow off the hill, sit on tier buts, ... We'll if you look, there are beginner skiers who do the same (in a wedge) on terrain too difficult to advance their skills. Funny, when I ski terrain that is more difficult (make you crap in your pants kind of stuff), the snowboards there are very skilled and I enjoy watching them do their thing. So much that over the last couple of seasons I decided to broaden my horizons and learn to snowboard. I'm enjoying it. I was riding up a lift and some mom was also on the chair. She noted here couple of kids going down the hill who were snowboarders. She turns to me and say, do you carve or are you one of those people who just scrape and sit all over the place. I must admit that I felt like pushing her off the lift. Yes, I carve and no I don't spend the majority of the time sitting in the snow.

The point (and you thought there was not going to be one) - don't prop (pun intended) yourself up by putting others down. There are many people on TT that I have taken a liking to them. Never met them. Don't give a rat's back end what kind of boat they own. I know I like my boat. I'm pretty darn sure they like theirs. I'm sure they enjoy their boat. God forbid, some may even fish off of it (sarcasm).

My one and only post in this thread. Go ahead, throw stones. Thank God for smilies.
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