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Originally Posted by rodltg2 View Post
After reading this goof balls posts about "real Mastercraft " owners and people that sport the sticker and shirt but only own a vintage Mastercraft , it got me thinking. I almost feel the opposite. To me the real " Mastercraft " owners and the ones that should sport the sticker are those with the slalom boats. To me Mastercraft has always been and will be a slalom boat, regardless of how many wake boats they produce and sell now. Hopefully they never lose sight of their heritage. Those who own the wakeboard boats should have to say "x series Mastercraft"! That way I know who is a purist water skier and who is the new generation wakeboarder.
Myself...I am a little confused by this thread. Rod it has been a while since your exodus from the TEAM TALK Site.
At one time, where you not involved in a venture yourself that was building wakeboard boats with WAKECRAFT? A dealer or investor or something

With that said a company needs to evolve. MasterCraft has done that.

We do not need to pit one type of MasterCraft owner againist another. To each there own.
They all say MasterCraft on the side weather you own a 1979 MasterCraft I/O or a 2011 265 CSX. Everyone has pride in ownership in the product no matter which one you own. To each there own

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