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Bottom line... It's not about skier or boarder. It's about a group of owners who not only love boating, they love their boats. A real Mastercraft owner is someone who takes care of their boat, whether a 1980 or 2013. Who can spend an entire Sunday polishing and waxing in lieu of a day with their wife or significant other. Anyone one, with any amount of MC OCD. Those are the real owners.

I'm just a mid 20's boarder who never had the opportunity to ski at a young age but am loving the wake behind my star. I have a tremendous amount of respect for skiers. It's fascinating what you guys do. I never make runs down the lake when you guys are tearing up the flat water. Just can't do it. Would never ruin the exhilaration for you. And that's what it's all about. To me if you were to really say what it is, that's real MC
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