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Why did I buy MasterCraft? Because I wanted MasterCraft quality.

Personally, I think things with engines, especially things that go fast. Currently, I have a Kawasaki ZX-6R in that garage, which I ride both on the street at on the track. It's a great bike, with amazingly "neutral" steering and thrilling acceleration all the way up to the 16,5K redline. In the past, I've also owned Ducati, Honda and Yamaha, all of which had their respective strengths and weaknesses.

I bought a 2005 X-10 last Fall because I wanted to move up to the upper echelon of recreational boats and I knew from research and countless discussions with boat owners and salespeople that MasterCraft was a great choice. I chose the X-10 mainly because I am the only slalom skier in a family of wakeboarders. We also enjoy heading out onto the lakes for lazy afternoons of swimming around the boat and the larger seating capacity is a real plus for us.

To me, it is most admirable that MasterCraft has worked hard to maintain a high level of quality and performance, no matter what the intended use of each particular boat. I am impressed with their history in dedicated slalom boats and the fact that one can still buy world-class slalom and barefoot MC boats. I think it is also admirable that MC has set the bar for wakeboarding with the X-Star and other landmark boats throughout the years. I'm also looking forward to seeing how my "crossover" boat does for both wakeboarders and slalom skiers once our lakes in Wisconsin turn from solid to liquid again.

TT has already been a great resource to me as a new MC owner. What I appreciate most is the opportunity to share ideas and learn from other owners. Personally, I'm as interested in the impressive restoration diaries and discussions about various issues which come up with ALL boats in MasterCraft's history as I am at looking at the newest "eye candy."

What I'm NOT interested in is the pissing matches or taunting which occasionally pops up. However, it's easy enough to simply move on to something of value, letting the inane throw volleys back and forth. For me, those posts are of no value whatsoever.

Thankfully, TT is full of many similar minded MC owners and enthusiasts and I look forward to learning from the collective experience and knowledge of those who are regulars. I hope to be able to add my own perspectives, as well.
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