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So I've been around Mastercrafts my entire life.. was my dads spotter in the boat while he did tournament slalom 2 days before I was born.. We moved from 190's to 205's to a 205v, then to our current x 15. Go tell Zane he didn't build the company because he wake boards. Go tell rusty to stop nailing 1080s and further repping the Mastercraft name. To say that slalom skiers are the only ones who deserve to sport stickers are slalom skiers is rather an elitist statement in my mind. I know where the company built its roots on skiing, but just because you ski doesn't make you any more of a Mastercraft enthusiast! WE ARE ALL HERE BECAUSE WE LOVE MASTERCRAFT BOATS!! Im going to sport Mastercraft stickers on all my vehicles.. my girlfriend has a pink Mastercraft sticker on her car too! So if Mastercraft stuck to their roots, and only made slalom boats, they would be bankrupt and long gone! I cant believe some douchebag made us all so pissed off. I'm glad he bought a malibu! at least he's not here fouling up our website!


Details released eventually

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