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Originally Posted by 501s View Post
Disagree. Seems a bit snobby to me. We all know "skiers" don't care for "boarders" and this kind of prepetuates it.

It's been wakeboarding and surfing that have kept the inboard market alive for the past 10 years. Like it or not the newer generations like standing sideways and doing jumps, and are less interested in uncomfortable stances and going really fast. It's the "sideways" movement that saved the snow ski industry too. Oh ya, if MC was only in the business of slalom boats, well I would say they probably wouldn't still be in business.

With all that said I have the upmost respect for Slalom skiers and the skills they have. It's a tough sport and takes a lot of practice. I got to really try it for the first time this past summer and it was much more fun then I expected. I plan to definitley do more and get a ski but you won't see me giving up wakeboarding anytime soon.
I disagree that wakeboarding and surfing have kept the inboard market alive. What those activites have done has caused the inboard market to grow exponentially. Slalom skiers still need a slalom boat. I think MC would still be in business without wakeboarding/surfing, but it would be like the old days...small company with one, maybe two or three by now, models to choose from.
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