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Removed the hose today and this is what I found. The hose obviously restricted flow of the exhaust. The silencer shows some heat damage as well. Besides replacing the hose is there anything else that I should check out?

I'm not sure why the hose collapsed. Could be heat. Could be it was installed incorrectly? The hose is quite a bit longer than the other side. It's almost like the hose was kinked in to make it a bit shorter so it would fit better when it was installed.

Also, the path from the manifold to the silencer is a bit offset. It is not a straight path like the other side is. The exhaust manifold is offset to the outside of the silencer. Could this be why the outside of he silencer inlet shows heat damage?

Just thinking out loud here. Let me know if there is anything else I should do or check besides getting a new hose.

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