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Is this Normal??

So I go visit my boat today to begin doing some maintenance/upgrades on it. Now I'm knee deep in want to's/need to's. I need some input from you guys. I've got to pull my gas tank to get to the exhaust hoses where they connect to the flanges on the transom. I got everything out of the way, but I stopped the process when I saw these "brackets" attached to the gas tank. It looks like they are screwed into the tank! Is this normal? My initial assumption is that there is no way a screw should be put into a plastic gas tank.

Secondly, in my investigation of the exhaust, I noticed some cracking around the area where the rudder is mounted to the hull as well as the "brace" that is between the rudder mount and the strut mount. I can't tell if this crack is just in some kind of sealant around the base of the mount or if it is something I should be concerned about. Any of you guys seen anything like it? I got under the boat and inspected the area around the rudder and strut and everything looked fine.

FYI, this is a 98 Prostar 205.
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