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Originally Posted by broncotw View Post
OK "RealMasterCraft"! I'm gonna go out on a limb and call you out for the inbred freak you are!

Either come clean and show us pictures of your supposed MasterCraft(s) (past and present) and your new BU and your new truck or just admit that you are a wanna be poser (notice the correct spelling of POSER)!

Personally, I think you are a total fraud and a joke! What kind of _ss_ole comes on to the MasterCraft site and claims to be a "Real MasterCraft owner” and then slams thousands of other MasterCraft owners because his boat is newer and more expensive?

Your theory that only "real MasterCraft” owners are ones that exceed a certain price point is as laughable as you thinking that BU is a better boat than MasterCraft.....

As a rule I NEVER wish ill towards anyone! In your case, I truly hope you soon find yourself on a lake in your stranded BU and the only other boats on the lake are poser MasterCrafts owners with MasterCraft stickers on their trucks.....
I have to go with Lester here. From "Creem" ,September 1975, Lester Bangs,".... Bowie has dropped his pretensions,or most of them at any rate, and in doing that I believe he's finally become an artist instead of a POSEUR , style collector and producer".
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