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We had a 118lb Black lab (Jordan) My wife is a Bulls fan from Chicago that was hit (my fault, didn't have him leashed when opening the garage door) no broken bones car was going 20+. Nerve damage, took him to the only surgical neurologist in the 5 state region at the U of M Vet Hospital. He pulled out a pizza cutter with spikes rolled it on the front left leg and said it ain't coming back. He was 3 years old, we had another Dr. from the U of M come to our local Vet Hospital to remove the leg at the shoulder ($2400 in 2002). He lived to be 9 1/2 and ran daily with his Chocolate lab older brother until Jordan passed of a heart attack right in front of me. We are now on our 3rd Dog and 4th and 5th cats, still think about them all everyday. Good Luck to your entire family.
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