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Made a little progress between work and snowstorms, fortunately I've had a couple nice weekends this month.

Started with this earlier this month:

Now I just have to figure out where I am going to get this thing hoisted out.

At this point I am thankful for all the cad plated bolts, I was sure I was going to be calling the snap on guy for a set of EZ outs, due to all the rusty frozen bolts I was going to encounter. Thankfully MC and or Indmar used cad plated bolts and stainless hardware on mostly everything, so It's coming apart easily. Just look at the coupler I thought it was pretty much welded together by corrosion. the bolts came out nicely and I just bumped it loose. I did put a couple heavy applications of kroil penetrating oil on everything.

Found this, I guess all the dataplates from Hurth are installed before the the painter haphazardly masks it off.

Got the mufflers out, and removed whatever was screwed down that was nasty and corroded. Unfortunately my camera crapped out and it's too cold to pull that cover off. instead of pics of my nasty bilge, I have some to show of my archeology expedition

Hopefully I can get another year of use out of this tower with the help of a welder.

The clearcoat and corrosion has made the aluminium trim plates kind of ugly, I'll probably just wrap these in vinyl or paint them gray.

Something else I didn't account to spend more money on. Stereo is at the bottom of my list of things I require in a boat, I'd remove it, if it wasn't for the gaping ugly hole in the upholstery.

I was able to make some forward progress making things pretty.

I was able to clean up alot of stainless hardware, mostly hose clamps and all the screws holding brackets and interior pieces down. look closely you can see the pretty bolster brackets in that pile.

Debarnacled the platform brackets.

Not sure when I'm going to tackle the platform, but included the pic for before and after bracket pics.

Waiting for the weather to warm up to finish pulling the motor and transmission, propshaft etc.... Then I can give the carpet and bilge a proper bath.

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