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I also had a bad experience with Seadek. Last spring I ordered a swim step pad for my X2 and got the gray faux-teak with MC logo. I ordered it based on the image on their web site. It arrives after 3 weeks and it has a cloud outline around the "MasterCraft". Not too bad looking, but certainly not what I ordered. So after no responses to emails, I finally call them and they refuse to take it back because the logo was "custom".

So, they tell me that they are not allowed to sell a MC logo without an outline around it, some BS about trade marks and MC. Finally I talk them into making me a new one at a discount without the loopy outline. Person on the phone says that "this is the last one we are making like this!" like I'm the bad guy for wanting the logo that they advertise. Here is what I ordered and what is still on their web site, the gray one with the loopy outline is what I got.

The thing is that the Brown one is still advertised on their web site! So be careful and make sure you know exactly what you are getting BEFORE they cut it.
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