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Originally Posted by petermegan View Post
Wow, Things must different in the US. Whilst I do appreciate the travel dilemma when living in the country isn't there a huge legal implication of having an unlicensed, uninsured person behind the wheel. If some pedestrian staggers onto the road or a car comes from nowhere and causes an accident you could be sued for millions. I don't plan on loosing my house and farming property that quick! Like I said maybe things are different than here in OZ. .02c Have fun.
No, not so different in the US.

What is the lesson you teach your son if you drive? Remember he will be faced with that situation in the not so distant future. Whatever reason (excuse) you offer him, you may get it turned around on.

What is the lesson you teach your son if you let him drive, clearly knowing it is illegal?

Maybe you should have a look at

Call the wife, call a friend, call your brother-in-law, call a cab (not an option in your case), sleep if off in your car, walk if you have to... Neither of the two choices you presented would be a choice for me.
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