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Last year charlie was hit by a truck. the surgery to save her rear leg was almost 5000. fortunately i had money saved for a new interior for my MC, well of course my dog is my kid and worth anything i can do for her. so i did pay the money, but the vet and the specialist both suggested on removing her leg. i got to meet several dogs with 3 legs and they were all great. (they really wanted me to loose the leg.) the recovery for her was about 7 months, the amount of pins in her leg make it an awkward leg to use at any speed over walking, (plus after 7 moths of being only on 3 i think she learned to use 3) jumping climbing and swimming with me on the boat. so she only uses 3 legs above a walk. she can still jump 6 feet and clear any fence that holds her in. (which at home she will not ump a fence until i leave) which she loves to jump and climb which was why i spent the money to save the leg, just to find she can still chase a squirell up a tree and i mean way up like a cat. when she swims she drags the leg most of the time. when she runs she does it on 3 legs. the saved leg is more in her way and she prefers to be 3 legged dog now. she still has the leg of course but runs most of her life on 3. i guess im trying to say anything that effects her quality of life now she does on 3 legs, i now have no doubt she would have been fine on 3, and she would have had the same quality of life she was used to. and as her owner i want to give her the same quality of life she gives me which is awesome. so i hope this helps.
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