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Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
I had a previous version of the Freeride - great beginner to novice ski. the new design makes a very fun won't win and competitions with it - but it's a great price and a great product. Kind of looking like the next model will be a type of cross-over wake/ski thing... I really doubt the edge design will make that much difference for the demographic of this ski buyer. It's always been a great cruisin' ski - Kinda like driving a pickup truck without power steering tho...
It did seem like Marcus wasn't ripping the turns nearly as good as he can, but I don't really plan to do any competitions, I just want to be able to enjoy any and all types of towboat watersports i.e. ski, wakeboard, surf, kneeboard, and maybe even try the chair. I know I gotta lose some weight though or I will have trouble doing just about any of it.
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