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Originally Posted by milkmania View Post
you say you got no kids...
I know a lot of people without kids and their dogs become their kids, symbolically. That being said, if you can afford it and money's not the issue(none of my business), and the dog is in fairly early stages of life, I'd vote to go for it! Now, on a 12-14 year old dog, it'd be a different story, but it's also on a dog you've had for 12+ years. Ultimately, you know what Bullwinkle means to you and your wife, no matter what we say. You're just needing reassurance
Thanks, and yes they are our 'kids'. Bullwinkle is only 2 yrs old, very fit, no fat, was running 2 miles everyday with me.
The love and kindness a dog can show is amazing; how can they never have a bad day, worry, fret, pout, complain - just want to love you every time you come in the door.

We are not rich by any means but cost is not a factor to us just him being pain free is. (% free credit card here I come) The first surgery on Tues costs about 4k + being at the vet this whole time and now amputation. I am guessing 6-7K total. To me, priceless, if we get to lay in bed on the weekend mornings. His soul is so giving and sweet. $$ comes and goes in our lives.
ps - His brother (the last two of the litter) Rocky has been looking for him every day.
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