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Originally Posted by turbofresh View Post
interesting game with kings and oilers lastnight. very questionable referee calls. and huge overkill celly for Yakupov scoring his goal just before the 3rd period buzzer. dont get me wrong. happy for the kid but its the third game of the season relax and celly like you've done it before. either way the oilers are getting more and more interesting to watch. dont like them but they are going to be a challenge for teams in the near future i have a feeling.
I watched most of the 2nd period. Weird game with all of the penalties. Especially since neither team could score 5 on 3. With all of the offense on both teams, the nets should have been full, especially the Oilers' net since I have 4 Kings in my fantasy draft.

The finish would have been pretty exciting, I guess I shouldn't have turned it off. I saw the highlights this morning. I loved the celebration by Yakupov. He's obviously a very passionate guy. I seem to remember some TV clips from draft time showing him having a lot of personality. Even though it was only game 3 of the season, it was obviously a huge goal in that young kid's life, maybe the biggest so far, who knows. Especially after he blew his huge scoring chance in period 2, he wanted to redeem himself and he did in a big way.

We Flames fans are supposed to hate the Oilers, but I can't help but be excited for them. I'd love for them to finally do well, just as long as the Flames stay just a little bit better (I might be dreaming there). Flames vs Oilers tomorrow night on Hockey Night in Canada should be pretty fun.

The local Calgary sports radio had Theoren Fleury on this morning talking about the celebration. Fleury loved it, he said he might try to catch up with Yakupov at the rink tomorrow to congratulate him. It's good that Yakupov did the knee slide against LA, cause if he did it here tomorrow it would be seen more as an Eff-U to Calgary than just spontaneous excitement.

Here's clips of the 2 celebrations. Fleury's goal was a game winning overtime goal in the playoffs, and he says was the biggest goal of his career. I'm assuming Yakupov will have some much bigger goals to come, but I don't blame him for being excited.
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