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Anyone have a three legged dog?

Last Saturday our dog, Bullwinkle, was hit by a car. We found him, rushed to the vet.
Major breaks on the left hip / pelvic. Surgery was done; plates, screws, lag bolts - now it appears he has nerve damage and he is in pain (he is still on the max pain medicine) and the vet is suggesting removing the left left.

Our concern is his right pelvic was broken too, only one break though (left side had 5 and the hip socket was shattered) The vet feels the right will be fine once healed. And are we rushing this decision? We researched the vet - top guy, great reviews by other vets and such. I trust him

The dog just turned two this week, very fit, very strong - he is 60 lbs and very sensitive, drama king.

IF we do this he will be at the vet for another 2 weeks for healing of the pelvic and such.

Anyone out there w. a three legged dog - how is his/her life? I read where dogs are very adaptive. I just want him to be home, pain free and be able to walk. He is a very loving soul
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