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Originally Posted by uplander View Post
boat is in Dallas, it has the MCX motor which I believe is the 350 chevy.

here is the link to the boat - thanks for all the info guys

I like this one also but getting out of price range - what year did the interior material get better
there is a big difference between the 01-05 X30's and the 06-11 X30's. The 06+ is a much more modern hull. The first X30 is basically the same hull that appeared in the 98 VRS 230. If I had a choice and the money difference wasn't too great, I'd go for the 06+ over the 05 and under hull. Having said that, we've been very happy with our 02 X30. The only thing it may do better than the newer hull is ski. The 06 is more of a wake/surf boat than its predecessor.
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