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I've got an FAE on my boat. It was mounted using the standard "hang from the platform" mount. I have a teak platform and the installer mounted a piece of square aluminum tubing to the bottom of the platform. The tubing has two holes for pieces of threaded rod to mount through. The two pieces of threaded rod attach to the tubing on the top and the FAE at the bottom. Nuts and lock washers hold the rod in place. The FAE is mounted to the exhaust ports on the boat with pieces of rubber hose and hose clamps. I don't have any pictures, but I can imagine having a trim tab will complicate the installation some. The length of the rubber hoses to the exhaust ports may need to be lengthened to accommodate the trim tab. I don't have any pictures of my installation, but it's pretty basic. I have to undo the nuts that hold the threaded rod to the square tubing to take my platform off my boat.
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