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welcome to the forum. wakemakers is a good place to look. our current setup is (02 X30)

hard tanks removed
750# bags in each rear locker
stock banana bag in ski locker

each of these has its own pump but it feeds off the stock manifold.

it surf wake is ok. its nothing like some of these guys with newer 30's or 45's with tons of ballast. when my kids surf and i'm sitting in the rear corner seat their wave is much better than when i'm surfing and only my kids and wife are in the boat. my solution to this will be to replace the 750's with 1100's in each locker. i'd like some more weight up front, but that will probably have to wait till next year.

with the front and starboard bags full (we're all goofy), we'll set the PP to 10.5 for the kids and a little slower for adults.

also, if you are going to run big bags in the lockers, you will want to reinforce the dividers so they aren't being held tight against your exhaust.
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