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dagnabit. It's annoying when the state makes you put more stickers on!

What follows is a bit of a rant lol. The new one this year is Aquatic Invasive Species, which every vessel, both non powered and powered, must display in Nevada. And would you care to guess where you're supposed to put it? No, not next to the state sticker on the bow. On the STERN, which up until this point in its 29-year life has never had any stickers on it that did not come from MasterCraft.

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem preventing little buggers from hitching a ride from one lake to another, nor do I have a problem paying an extra $10 per year into a fund to help raise awareness of the problem. But I DO have a problem plastering stickers all over the boat!! It's just wrong, in every sense of the OCD world! Just out of curiosity, how many states have some version of this?
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