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Thread Jack ON - does anyone get a little irritated when a guy is posting pictures of his boat that he is trying to sell and the boat is 5 years old (for example) but the pictures are clearly from the day he picked it up at the dealership 5 years ago? No license plate on the trailer? No registration numbers on the boat? Not a scratch or stain to be found? At least post some updated pictures if you expect a guy to drive a few hours (or fly) to take a look. Thread Jack OFF.

The Kansas boat looks MINT but I would ask for some updated pictures (like the end of last season). Also check to see what type of ballast are in the boat (if any) as sometime in 2005 or 2006, MC was advertising a stripped down boat with minimal features(no ballast, no racks, no tower speakers, etc.) for $39,999. I am NOT saying this is that boat (I dont think it is because it has racks on the tower) but I would get a full detailed list of exactly what is on the boat and post it up so people can comment.

If those pictures of the Kansas boat are from last season then that is tremendous as it looks mint. I still think a 2005 X2 well optioned in good shape should sell in the $28K-$32K range but maybe they have gone up in value.
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