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Originally Posted by scott023 View Post
I'm a big Brees fan, but his interception numbers are a lot less pretty to look at than Brady's. I don't think he's a better QB than Brady.

You know you have to look outside the numbers, sometimes, to place a true value on a players importance to the team... just sayin.

And no, I'm not a Pats fan.

yrs yards td int ypg comp % 4000+ yd seasons 5000+ yd seasons
Brees 12 45919 324 165 270.1 65.6 4 3
brady 13 44806 334 123 253.1 63.7 5 1

Brees is also better than brady. If Brees keeps it up (and his numbers are still trending upwards), he will break the all time yards record.

And to address the bold above.....when brady went down in 2008, Matt Cassell was plugged into the Belechik system and took them to an 11-5 regular season record. The success of the Patriots is the system, not tom brady.

I believe my body of work here has proven without a doubt that brady is over rated as a QB. If Cassell can be the next man up and take them 11-5 pass for nearly 3700 yards, get traded to K.C. and then tank, it shows that the system is the driver here. The same can be said for S.F. with Montana and Young and the west-coast offense that Bill Walsh created. Young was actually much better than Montana, and a better athlete. Montana and brady are equally over-rated.
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