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WOW, there are a lot of "teacher haters" on this post! It's funny to me that because a member states it is thier child that got in trouble for doing something they knew was not allowed, most responses are against the teacher blaming them for tempting the student to click on a video we assume says something about making a pen bomb. My guess, being a teacher for 23 years that maybe the student will claim some responsibility in this and learn a lesson. First amendment rights aren't the same in the classroom as they are on the streets or in your homes.
I could just imagine, with the support from the good members on this site if I randomly stated that as a teacher, I had a student tell me they didn't mean to click on a site that said how to make a pen bomb, that I would get all the support and the parents and child should take responsibility for their actions.
Sorry, but with the climate of the schools and shootings lately, we are still in a very reactionary response mode with instant gun laws and added security in the country.
Just needed to rant a bit!
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