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No pictures, but I sold my 68 Bronco to buy my 88 Prostar. Even though I occasionally regret selling the old beast, our family has spent more time together in the boat in the 1.5 years we've owned it than we did the entire 15 years of owning the Bronco. I figure that's a good decision there!!
Not mine, but this one is in about the same cosmetic condition, maybe a little worse.

I'd swapped out the D30 for a 44 with disks, added power steering and hydroboost brakes, replaced the stock front seats with power seats from an 80's T-Bird and rewired it and installed electric wipers in place of vacuum wipers. I had planned on putting in an EFI 5.0 and 5-speed transmission, but it seemed that I never had enough time or money to do it. It was a great summer driver, but I wouldn't want to try to pull a boat with it any significant distance.

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