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Originally Posted by Barefooter92 View Post
Damn, sick one day and look what I missed. I do not want the key switch that is why I purchased the one-push button stater. I have kids too and they will not be starting the boat because I am responsible enough to pull the kill switch when I am not in the boat! I do not want these changes (3 pushes to start). I hope my order from last week made it off the bench before the changes.

Change mine back and send it anonymously or with a waiver that I will sign as to not blame you for my ignorance.

Or better yet send it out the way you have to but give us the instructions how to reprogram it back to what we want.
Still can use a toggle instead of the key switch, I just don't think it comes with the toggle anymore, run down to the shack and get one.

I'm hoping that once it arrives I can tinker and see if I can reprogram it, I like the idea of the push button but don't want to have to do a bunch of steps, just make it a 2 second hold to start and I'll be happy as well!
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