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Originally Posted by XChris1632X View Post
Yeah, I thought about sanding it down some. Maybe I will sand the edge down and move it out a bit. Are there any negatives to unscrewing it and moving the brackets back on the teak more?
Were you able to do a little sanding on the platform? It looks like it is only rubbing on two sections. I would look at the platform in those two areas and sand back the bottom edge a little, keeping the top edge the same. In other words, the face on the transom should be sanded at a little bit of an angle. Like it was mentioned, try to keep the same arch.

The issue with moving the brackets would be that you may have to move it too much to create new holes in the platform, creating too much of a gap between the transom and platform. I would think you would need to move it about a half inch or so for the new holes.
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