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I just cleaned it with soapy water and a stiff brush, sanded 100 then 150. When I added the first coat of oil and mineral spirits, I let it sit, but it soaked it up pretty quick. It barely even looked like I did anything to it. I added another coat the next day or so, and set a cup of oil on the back of the platform. I had some work being done on my bathroom and the tile guys used my garage as their place to cut all the tile and they must have bumped the boat at some point bc when I came back out there that cup with oil had tipped over. So it sat for a good week or so just soaking in on that one section. The rest went to the floor. I have a nice oiled spot on my concrete floor now. I added the last coat while sitting in the sun. I may still have to add another if it soaks in some more though. I will see when I get back home in a couple days.
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