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I had an 05 X-2 that I bought new and traded it in two years ago for a new X-25. I loved that boat. It was my first MC and surpassed my expectations in all respects. I sold it with 650 hours. It was in excellent shape and well maintained, oil change every 50 hours, etc. I got $30k on the trade-in, which I thought was a good price for trade-in, and the dealer sold it quickly (for I think $35k). Mine had a lot more hours than the one you're looking at. And X-2's hold their value well, especially the 05, the best year for X-2's (new tower, drive by wire). But this was two years ago and I think $37k is a bit high in price, but not outrageously so. You will love the boat, assuming all is ok with it. It's a fairly small boat and it handles extremely well. It has a fantastic wakeboard wake, one of the better ski wakes for a V-drive, and a decent surf wake. It's one of the best hulls ever made.
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