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Faced the same situation when I bought my 2001 205v last year. Wanted to test drive but was priced too good that someone would have bought without putting it in the water if I didn't buy it on the spot. Put a deposit down and wrote bill of sale contingent on the inspection, and we both took it to a mastercraft dealer for what is called a transfer inspection. Cost me ~$220 but they did a very thorough checkout (including compression test, verifying hour meter matched the ecu, shaft was true, etc). They also require both parties authorization to release the boat so seller and buyer have piece of mind the deal won't turn dirty. Turned out only thing wrong was steering cable was getting tight so I popped to have them put in a new one rather than fixing it down the road. Ran great all summer and gave me a great comfort buying without a water test! Guy I bought from was great, easy to work with and had all the receipts, extra parts, etc (he was the original owner) which also added to my piece of mind.
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