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Ahhh... The 205V.

I had an 05 x2. You should listen to vision, he buys & takes care of his boats (what your still doing on teamtalk I'm not sure of . )

Unless optioned like crazy 37 is way too much for an 05 X2. Great, fantastic hull, but too much money. Btw, the days your taking 8 out on the lake, that boat will get REALLY crowded... It's good up until about 6 total.

I almost view that low of hours as a negative... 100 hours? Common, I've put twice that on a boat in 1 season, not counting all the other days I was on friends boats. 12 hours a year isn't good for a boat... Maybe what, like 3 outings a year? I'd be looking at the seals and oil consumption, she hasn't been run enough.

Middle of last season the new owners of my old boat (originally visions boat) had 1200 hours and was running strong
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