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mikeg205: Thanks for the link, I have read that and seems like very good advice!

j.mcc: thanks for the thoughts. That is my biggest sticking part right now....the lack of a test drive!

sand2snow: thank you, what would you consider a good price? I was thinking around $35?

Thrall: I will def be checking the hours as it is a chevy. Sounds like he sold his cabin 2.5 years ago so hasn't used it much at all since then. This may be a partial reason for the low hours. Would taking it to a MC dealer to have it checked out be a reasonable move? Probably the biggest thing is the lack of test driving. Seems some say a thorough run through is good enough, others say absolutely not without a test. Not sure what to do!

Other thoughts? Is the vinyl in 2005 past the problem years for sure?
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