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Originally Posted by Rockman View Post
Kind of a weird request to you all but I figure, (as always), my TMC friends are always a GREAT resource!

I need to know if you have any suggestions for a location for a dinner outing for 20 people in the Orlando area. Suppose to be scheduled for Friday 2/8/13. One hotel my wife tried to use basically f'd up the reservation and a backup place she had does not have their big dining room anymore.

If there is anywhere you would suggest we try, I would totally appreciate it!

The people for this dinner are all business the place would have to be a few steps up from where I would The more upscale the better...good wine list, steaks, seafood, etc.

Appreciate any help you can provide.
As a fifth generation central Floridian (rare) i can tell you that its nothing but chains since nobody that moves in knows the local joints but know the chains ala ruby tuesdays, etc... so the local restaurants went out of business. Especially on that side of town. With that said there is moonfish ( which is on the high end of the chains. also a great jazz club/resturaunt is

An hour south from where you are staying and an easy drive down I-4 there is Burns in Tampa ( which is beyond an experience and well worth the hour drive with the largest wine cellar in the nation. Be sure to get a reservation to the desert room after dinner and a tour of the wine cellar. (they fly in veal bones weakly for the french onion soup and all the vegetables are grown at their offsite farm.) anybody that close knows and loves Berns.

no offense to the ale house as mentioned above it is not an upscale joint but above average bar food and a good hangout with a large on tap beer selection.
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