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What engine does it have?
New interior will run $3k +. If only some vinyl is cracking, the rest is shortly to follow. Sucks that a 200hr boat needs new skins, but MC cheeped out from like 01 to 04?
If it has 30hrs on the new engine, everything should be working correctly.
It is definately not an adder for a new engine because a 200hr engine is still new.
Make sure ballast tanks didn't crack, that IS a big deal if it's the center tank (assume it's not removable without splitting the hull/deck like most). That said, the balalst tanks in MC's don't add much useful weight. The center tank is only good as a makeshift trim tab (keeps the nose down a bit).
Like others said, try to find someone to give it a once over before making the trip.
Other things, for $28k and needing new interior I'd expect it to be loaded. PP, bangin' stereo, heater, etc.
FWIW, the early 2000's vinyl is the only real achilles heel of any of the MC boats save for the new(er) Vdig/BIG issues. Vinyl is easy to replace, just not cheap.
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