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Originally Posted by scott023 View Post
CP you are so full of it, it's astonishing. Take all your rubbish stats and look at facts... might help if you take of the rose tinted glasses. I've read you hailing Peyton, yet his stats when it comes to playoffs are a long cry from Bradys, there's no comparison. That alone shows your bias.
When it comes to playoffs, Manning threw for more yards than brady in every head to head playoff match-up.

As for stats and facts. Here are a couple that you can't ignore. Matt Cassell's magical 2008 season in New England when brady went down, he ended up passing for more yards than brady did in 2001, 2003, 2004, and 2006. Not only that, but he had a higher yards per game average than brady's 2001, 2003, and 2006 seasons. So there is a HUGE argument that the system produces these numbers, not the players skill. As you can see, take Cassell out of the system and he is pedestrian. A test of a great QB is, take him off the team, place him somewhere else and see what he does. Please refer to Favre, Brees, and Manning. brady is not at the same level as these guys.

I concede that brady is a good QB. But he is not as good as the repeated perception.
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